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We combine different points ofinspiration that have guided us to create Hemera.  Inspiration that arises from the constant exploration from different places, songs, works of art, points of view, landscapes, debates and looks that do not necessarily fit within a same category, however they create a result that help us tell a story  which allows us  connect with you through soft and sophisticated pieces that combine with your style, essence and femininity. 


Diseño sin título-2.png

The word ephemeral comes from Byzantine Greek ephemera (union of epa, "around", and hemera, "day"). the ephemeral is transientfleeting, and impermanent, that is, if we wait long enough, something ephemeral will always will transform on something else and will allow us recognize new horizons to explore. 



Hemera is femininity, versatility, depth and strength. We seek to create an ecosystem in which every day there are new possibilities of reinterpretation through subtle pieces that manage to combine one with the other, thus creating new horizons to explore. 

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